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Our World of Ingredients

Common people in Thai village communities surrounding the Buddhist temples passed on the knowledge about herbal treatments, and their very own handmade recipes, from generation to generation.

IATITAI’s herbal cosmetic & body care products are a modern blend of these classics, each individual recipe handmade and carefully processed with natural ingredients wherever possible: glorified pueraria mirifica, earthy bamboo charcoal, zesty kaffir lime, peppy turmeric, dewy lemongrass, crunchy coconut, delicate mangosteen, subtle jasmin rice, creamy plai, gentle green tea, fragrant frangipani, juicy longan.

Discover the rich traditions and little secrets that are paramount to Thai beauty recipes and nourish your body with handpicked choices of natural fresh ingredients.

IATITAI believes in the power of nature — in all its freshness, without compromise.